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Salt Lake City is the capital of the state of Utah and it is the religious center of the Mormons. It was founded on 24/07/1847 by Mormons. Brigham Young, who trekked from Illinois to this desert for 18 months, led the Mormons. The place was a desert valley so the settlers irrigated the land and build a town.

There are several tourist attractions in Salt Lake City. Some of these attractions include sightseeing tours, museums, and indie film houses.

There are all kinds of fun things to do in this town. You can take a guided bike tour of downtown Salt Lake. Temple Square is the Salt Lake’s popular tourist attraction. If you are a geologist, you can visit the Great Salt Lake.

Salt Lake is family friendly. It has plenty fun for your kids. Your kids can enjoy water parks, theme parks, and neighborhood parks, movie theaters, zoos, planetariums, and aquariums.

The following are three best tourist attractions in Salt Lake City.

1. Liberty Park

This park is a popular public urban park in this city. It is the second largest public in Salt Lake City, Utah. There are two islands in this park and it is the location of the Tracy Aviary.

What can you enjoy in Liberty Park? It has a greenhouse, seasonal amusement rides, a 1.5-mile jogging path, bocce ball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, a swimming pool, horseshoe pits, large grassy areas, picnic areas, children’s play areas, concession stand, Bowery, restrooms, and playgrounds.

It is a popular cycling, rollerblading, and jogging location.

It is also the site of Pioneer Day fireworks display of Salt Lake City. The fireworks usually happen on the 24th of July.

Kids can play in the water fountain during summer.

2. Tracy Aviary

This is one of the oldest and largest bird parks in Salt Lake City. You can explore the various exhibits to see flamingos, condors, and bald eagles.

Tracy Aviary has around 400 birds from 135 species. The scenic ground is around 8 acres. You can visit with your family if you want to look at intriguing creatures in the Aviary.

The Pelican Pond has large water birds that have long beaks. You can take pictures of these birds. In the King of the Andes exhibit, you can look at the majestic Andy the Andean Condor. There are tropical birds with bright colors on the Amazon Adventure. The Chilean Flamingos has pink hues of the animals.

3. Mormon Tabernacle

Mormon Tabernacle was built from 1864 to 1867. Church members used to gather in the Tabernacle to hear the words of their leaders. The building was directed by Brigham Young. It was designed in such a way the people can see and hear the speaker without any obstruction.

It is a historic building now, but it is still used during the general conference when there are so many people.

It is the home of the popular Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

These are the best tourist attractions in Salt Lake City. You can visit Salt Lake City with your family.

3 Best Tourist Attractions In Salt Lake City.

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