Utah cities

Utah is a beautiful place, as anyone knows who has visited there. There are majestic mountains, beautiful canyons, and even lots to do in the major cities. Salt Lake City, West Valley City, and Provo all are worth visiting when traveling to Utah.

1.Temple Square

Salt Lake City is a city that keeps growing in popularity. One must see thing to do in Salt Lake City is to check out Temple Square. Temple Square is a gigantic three block plaza, featuring the iconic Salt Lake Temple. The Salt Lake Temple holds meetings of some of the biggest Mormon congregations in the country.

Salt Lake City Public library

The Salt Lake City Public library is another must visit. The library is huge, and the library has some of the best architecture you will ever see. It will be hard for you to miss a book, as there are over 500,000 books there. Outside of the library visitors can enjoy some shopping, get a beverage at the cafe, or enjoy the beautiful outdoor garden.

2.West Valley City

The second biggest town in Utah is West Valley City. It’s actually a suburb of Salt Lake City, located only seven miles away. Just like Salt Lake City there is plenty to see and do.

If you are on a family vacation to West Valley City then you need to check out the animals at Scales and Tails. Scales and Tails features many interactive reptile and bird shows. The bird show features exotic birds that are not seen often, such as a Green Wing Macaw.

Hale Center Theater

For families that enjoy theater shows or musicals, it is a necessity to catch a show at the Hale Center Theater. This community theater has become one of the more renowned community theaters in all of the United States. It’s been a staple in West Valley since 1933. Be sure to catch their yearly showings of Oklahoma, and Beauty and the Beast.


The third biggest town in Utah is Provo, which is famous for being the location of Brigham Young University. There are many museums located at BYU, such as the Museum of Art and the Museum of Paleontology.

Nature lovers will love what Provo has to offer. There is some of the most beautiful places to hike here in the world. The must hike trails feature cascading waterfalls at Bridal Veil Falls and Stewart Falls.

Provo Beach Resort.

One hidden treasure that you would never expect in Provo is the Provo Beach Resort. Adventure seekers can enjoy a gigantic Laser Tag Arena, or try their luck riding the man made waves of the Flowrider. The resort also features a state of the art bowling alley, and an arcade.

Between Salt Lake City, West Valley City, and Provo there are plenty of things to see and do for all members of the family. Besides the museums, libraries, and theaters Utah also has some great sports teams too. Check out a Utah Jazz NBA game in Salt Lake, or cheer on the BYU Cougars in Provo during college football season. Make sure to enjoy the hikes, mountains, and natural beauty of Utah.

The Three Largest Cities In Utah

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